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Introducing LINER-BILITY® Version 2.0!

Ordering is made easy with Liner-Bility 2.0.  Pacific Plug & Liner has re-doubled its focus and investments in the hardy perennial market. Our Perennial Passion brings you grower solutions with the support you need for best success along with exclusive ground-breaking varieties.  Accurate availability is a key part of our focus to being a top perennial supplier, Liner-Bility is currently updated using availabilty from over 15 farms making it one of the most accurate, fastest and easiest-to-use availability tool on the market, assuring you can secure the varieties you need – far in advance of shipping. 



LINER-BILITY® 2.0 at a Glance

--LINER-BILITY displays both current and forecasted availability all in one handy spreadsheet, quantity listed is in eaches.  Current availability is what is actually planted at our facility, while forecasted availability is the potential future supply of rooted liners using cutting, division, seed and tissue culture availabilities. 

--The forecasted availability already takes into consideration lead times and grow times, is updated hourly and shows up to 72 weeks of availability into the future.




--Our new LINER-BILITY 2.0 is published as “cumulative” which means availability for crops finishing in the selected ship week and those from previous weeks that will hold till the selected ship week show as a combined availbility for the desired ship week.  What this means is the MAX availability is shown for each week so weeks CANNOT be combined for increased availability.  This applies to both current and forecasted availability.

--Current availability is what we currently have in inventory, multiple sizes can be ordered when showing as available.   For the forecasted availability, if an item is listed in multiple tray sizes, the availability shows what could potentially be grown in all sizes.  For example, if 10,000 cuttings are available Liner-Bility will show 10,000 72’s, 10,000 128’s and 10,000 162’s of the same item.  However, only 10,000 units are available of any ONE of these tray sizes.  For forecasted availability, multiple tray sizes cannot be combined to increase overall availability.

--If you need more availability than what is listed in a given week, please contact our customer service department for guidance at or at 831-768-6300.


Combined with our expansive program offerings and continued new introductions, we believe LINER-BILITY gives you a complete solution for your program liner needs.