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Fragaria Hula Berry®

NOW Available Weeks 4-14, 2018!!

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The Hula Berry® is a small white strawberry with red seeds that is full of flavor, in fact many say it taste like a Pineapple!  The Hula Berry® is an improved Pineberry, which is a very old variety dating back to the 18th century.   Unlike red strawberries, white strawberries cannot pollinate themselves.  So the secret to success in growing the Hula Berry® is the included pollinator variety, Sonata.  This is a larger, red fruiting variety that is very tasty as well.  It is important to keep all 4 plants in this pack near each other when planting so that the Hula Berry® can be pollinated, expect to get a mixture of both White and Red berries.  PP&L is selling Hula Berry™ as a kit of (3) Hula Berries to (1) Pollinator or Sonata = 4 total plants per kit.  Each kit is perfect for plant a 4-pack or hanging basket that contains 4 plants each.


Cultivar Fragaria Hula Berry®
Common Name White Strawberry
Type Perennial
USDA Minimum Hardiness Zone 4
Exposure Sun
Patent PP# 24,332
Irrigation Requirements Moderate
Soil Conditions Well Drained
Peak Flowering Period April - June
  • White Strawberry

Fragaria Hula Berry®

RECOMMENDED CONTAINER SIZE 4-pack or hanging basket
WHEN TO PLANT January - April
PINCHING Pinch runners as needed
PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS Use cool temperatures to keep compact
VERNALIZATION Yes, liners will be vernalized
PESTS Spider Mights
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Fragaria Hula Berry®

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